The Royal Netherlands Army (DutchKoninklijke Landmacht) is the land forces element of the military of the Netherlands.

Though the Royal Netherlands Army was raised on 9 January 1814, its origins date back to 1572, when the Staatse Leger was raised -- making the Dutch standing army one of the oldest in the world. It fought in the Napoleonic WarsWorld War II, the Indonesian War of Independence, and the Korean War and served with NATO on the Cold War frontiers in Germany from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Since 1990, the army has been sent into the Iraqi War (from 2003) and into the War in Afghanistan, as well as deployed in several United Nations' peacekeeping missions (notably with UNIFIL in Lebanon and UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992–1995).

Two of the three brigades of the present Dutch Army are now under German command. In 2014, the 11th Airmobile Brigade was integrated into the Rapid Forces Division (Division Schnelle Kräfte); the 43rd Mechanized Brigade began integration into the 1st Panzer Division (1. Panzerdivision) in 2016, with the intention that it be fully part of the German formation by the end of 2019. This Dutch-German military co-operation is seen as a harbinger of a European defensive union.[4][5]



I was conscripted into the army on 20th May 1970.

Basic training took place in Amersfoort at the Prins Willem III barracks, the home of the Huzars. I was to become a Huzar of Boreel in the 103 Recon Batallion and was to be trained as a driver for the M113 C&R (Command & Reconnaissance).

Basic training itself was a pain in the preverbial (as any conscript around the world can tell you). Was a lot of hard work in those days, getting acquainted with army life. Learning to march as proper soldiers was considerd of the utmost importance. The day we were introduced to our armoured personnel carriers proved to be a complete change in our dreary lives,  & from there on in we had great times, fun & games.

After basics we were shipped off to Germany, the Seedorf barracks and were stationed there until our honorable discharge in September 1971. Seedorf itself was a small village between Hamburg & Bremen. We were stationed there because of its proximity to the (then) East German border.

 I've included a few photo's for you to enjoy.