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"Castel Felice" (See PDF) was one of the most popular postwar immigrant ships in Australian service, carrying over 100,000 immigrants to Australia and New Zealand over 101 voyages between 1952 and 1970.  



11,000 s.h.p. six single-reduction-geared steam turbines / twin screws

1 tripod style communications mast (originlly 2 masts, with cargo cranes)

Surface Speed
15 knots, later 16 knots

150.3 x 19.6 m

7.6 m draught

Tonnage 12,150 GRT


1400 one class - based on her final configuration.

Previous names

Kenya (1930), Hydra (1941), Keren (1941), Kenya (1949), Fairstone (1950), Kenya (1950), Keren (1951-52)


Built as Kenya for British India Line, by A. Stephen & Sons, Glascow Scotland, on the Clyde.

She was a vessel of 9,890grt, carrying 246 first and second class passengers, with an addition of 1,981 deck passengers between India and East Africa.

Launched on 27th August.

1940 Requisitioned by British Government and converted as Landing Ship.                                         Left Bombay and returned to the UK, where she was taken up by the Royal Navy as an infantry landing ship. She was renamed HMS Keren and, as such, served in the Madagascar and North African campaigns in 1942.
1946 British India refused to take ship back after the war. She was purchased by the Ministry of Transport. Two years later she was sold to the Alva SS Co and laid up at Holy Loch Scotland.
1949 Purchased by the Vlasov group.
  Broke Moorings and swept ashore at Graigendoran in heavy storm and had to be rescued by tugs. The original idea had been to use the ship for emigrants from Europe to Israel, but this came to nothing.
  Passed into ownership of Alva Steamship Company and renamed Kenya.
1950 Transferred to The Sitmar Line.
1951 Name changed to Keren.
  Work started on rebuilding Keren for passenger service.

She was refitted for the Sitmar Line. The changes included a completely remodelled superstructure, with cabin-class accommodation for 596, while the aft holds were fitted out with dormitory style accommodation for another 944. Other changes in appearance included an extended more raked stem, a single small tripod mast (in place of the original 2 masts), two open P&O style promenade decks around the stern, and a large distinctive "V" on a remodelled funnel.

1952 after extensive refits she went into service as Castel Felice.
  6 October. Maiden voyage from Genoa.
  7 November. Arrived Melbourne.
1953 Placed on regular run to South America.
1955 Underwent another extensive overhaul at Genoa in mid 1955, including fitting full air conditioning, an external swimming pool, enlarged public rooms and the enclosing and glazing of the promenade deck forward end. Accommodation was reconfigured for 28 1st-class and 1,100 tourist-class passengers, all in cabins.
1956 Placed on Atlantic service to New York.
1958 Commenced permanent service to Australia.

Voyaging out via the Suez, she returned via Auckland, Panama, the Carribean and Lisbon. Later in her career, she also undertook occasional Pacific cruises out of Sydney. During this period, she was very popular with young Australian and New Zealand tourists looking for an affordable passage to Europe.

1970 Sitmar lost the migrant contract. A decision was then made to retire her at the end of year.
  15 August. Fire broke out in accommodation while berthed at Southampton. A decision was made not to make repairs.
  26 September. Arrived in Sydney where she was destored, with all crockery and linen returned to Italy for use in there new ships Fairsea and Fairwind.
  7 October.  Left Sydney for breakers in Taiwan arriving on 21 October.








Melbourne - Nov. 1968 --> Southampton - Jan. 1969










La Guaria




Master: Capt. Arturo Mischiati




I've also got a few photo's of my trip to Europe on the Castel Felice  




P a s s e n g e r   L i s t




From Fremantle

Alexander Mr. & Mrs. J. & children   Ganfield Mr. & Mrs. P.
Bates Mr. & Mrs. J. & daghter   King Mr. & Mrs. A. & daughter
Bates Miss M. (Michelle)   Mann Mr. V.
Buck Mr. & Mrs. E. & sons   Mc Coubrie Dr. & Mrs. S.
Budden Mr. & Mrs. R & children   Phillips Miss D.
Edwards Mr. & Mrs. J. & children   Stafford Miss N.
Eley Miss J.   Sumner Mr. & Mrs. L. & son
Fawcett Mrs. D.      

From Adelaide

Ashworth Mr. & Mrs. G. & daughter   Leach Mr. & Mrs. G. & son.
Beecher Mr. J.   Leach Miss S.
Bestwick Mr. & Mrs. P. & children   Leipnik Mr. & Mrs. R. & son
Bett Mr. A.   Meinel Miss H.
Chapman Mrs. L.   Mellor Mr. & Mrs. C & daughter.
Costello Mr. & Mrs. G. & children   Miller Mr. & Mrs. J. & son
Cowling Mr. R.   Mohr Mr. & Mrs. R.
Daykin Mr. & Mrs. A. & daughter   Morris Mr. & Mrs. G. & children
Deacon Mr. & Mrs. R. & daughter   Mussell Mr. & Mrs. W. & children
Dee Mr. & Mrs. M. & son   Mussell Miss B.
Easdon Mr. & Mrs. G. & daughter   Preston Mr. T.
Feasey Mr. & Mrs. R.   Robb Mr. I. (Ian)
Fogden Mrs. M.   Swan Mr. J.
Fogden Miss B.   Tandy Mrs. N
Greig Mr. & Mrs. J. & son.   Templer Miss J.
Hunt Mr. & Mrs. W. & son.   Thompson Mr. B.
Jarosy Mr. M.   Tovey Mr & Mrs. R.
Keane Mrs. M   Tyler Miss H.
Keane Miss M.   Walsh Miss M.
Keane Miss S.   Weston Mr. D.
Kirkpatrick Mr. F.   Wilson Mr. T.

From Melbourne

Addicks Mrs. P (Nell)   Hunter Mr. & Mrs. L.
Adler Mr. N.   Hyatt Mr. & Mrs. C.
Allen Mrs. P & children   Jackson Mr. P.
Anderson Mr. & Mrs. R. & children   Johnson Mr. & Mrs. W.& children
Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. H. & daughters   Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. R.& children
Atkins Mr. W. (Tom)   Kimbling Miss K.
Barfoot Mr. & Mrs. H. & sons   Kitchenn Mr. W.
Baxter Mrs. M.   Kneale Mr. & Mrs. J. & sons
Biever Mr. & Mrs. P.   Leape Mr. & Mrs. J. & children
Biever Mr. P.   Lee Mr. J.
Blades Mr. & Mrs. F. & daughter   Luznik Mr. O.
Blades Miss E. (Elaine)   Madden Mr. A.
Blades Mr. I. (Ian)   Malone Mr. G.
Boyd Mr. M.   Mapplebeck Miss R.
Bright Mr. B.   Marsh Mr. & Mrs. S. & children
Brown Mr. & Mrs. R. & sons   Melville Mr. & Mrs. M. & children
Chauncy Mrs. N.   Michaels Mr. & Mrs. M. & daughters
Cree Mr. J.   Moy Mrs. L
Cruise Mr. & Mrs. G.   Mc Alister Mr. J. (John)
Cruise Mr. R.   Nadeniczek Mr. & Mrs. H.
Dunn Mr. M.   Nyhuis Miss A. (Angela)
Easton Mrs. L.   Nyhuis Mr. W. (Bill)
Easton Miss G.   Paton Miss M.
Eberhard Mr. & Mrs. P.   Payne Miss M.
Edwards Mr. & Mrs. K.   Pearson Mr. P.
Farrell Miss K.   Peat Mr. A.
Ford Mrs. M. & son   Pinkney Mr. G.
Gardner Mrs. O.   Roth Mr. & Mrs. G.
Gays Mr. C. (Charlie)   Smith Mr. E.
Gleave Miss K.   Sparks Miss H.
Griffiths Mr. & Mrs. G.   Stacey Mrs. L.
Grimshaw Mr & Mrs. W.   Stein Mr. G.
Harvey Mr. & Mrs. L. & sons   Thain Mr. & Mrs. C.
Hodges Mrs. N. & children   Westbrook Mr. & Mrs. F.
Hollis Father J.   White Mr. V
Honer Mr. & Mrs. A. & son   Wickes Miss M.
Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. R.   Wiseman Mr. P.
Hopper Mr. R.   Woods Mr & Mrs. V. & children
Howard Mrs. E. & children   Young Mr. & Mrs. S & son
Hunter Mr. & Mrs. K.      

From Sydney

Alexander Mr. & Mrs. F.   Kerry Mr . & Mrs. J. & children
Allcot Mr. B.   Kestler Mr. G.
Aurousseau Mr. S.   King Mr . & Mrs. G. & children
Ball Mr. & Mrs. N.   Lake Mrs. P.
Barenklau Mr. & Mrs. L.   Leite Miss I.
Barnell Mr. & Mrs. R.& daughters   Leuci Mr. R.
Baxter Mr. & Mrs. R.   Lorimer Miss S. (Susan)
Baxter Miss. C. (Kriss)   Ludvik Mr. E.
Baxter Mr. R.   Lusk Mr. A. (Bert)
Biess Mr. B.   Mackay Miss M.
Bill Mr. P.   Maxwell Mr. R.
Bingham Mr. & Mrs. E & children   Mohr Mr . & Mrs. S. & daughter
Bondor Mr. S.   Monticone Mr. A.
Boneham Mr. & Mrs. E.   Moran Miss M.
Bouwens Mr. & Mrs. A.   Moran Miss C.
Bradley Mr. & Mrs. J.   Moran Mr. & Mrs. R.
Britton Mr. & Mrs. K.   Mount Mr. & Mrs. J.
Brown Mrs. E.   Mc Cann Mr. J.
Calvert Mr. J.   Mc Kelvie Mr. B.
Clark Mr. F.   Mc Kenna Mr. S.
Cochrane Mrs. E. & son   Naylor Mrs. J. & son
Cooney Mr. & Mrs. T. & sons   Nicol Mr. P.
Cooney Miss A.   Noble Mr. R.
Culliford Miss S.   Notton Miss L.
Dabreo Mr. & Mrs. H. & children   Notton Mr. L.
De Azevedo Mr. J.   O' Neill Mr. & Mrs. C.
De Kroon Mr. & Mrs. J. & daughter   Paine Mr. & Mrs. F.
Diaz Tomas Mr. J.   Phillips Mrs. M.
Dixon Mrs. V & children   Phillips Miss P. (Pat)
Dixon Mr. & Mrs. B.   Poole Miss J.
Dollman Mr. J.   Pratt Mr. M.
Doran Mrs. R.   Pueblas Mr. H.
Douglas Mr. N.   Quelle Mr . & Mrs. R. & son
Dresser Mr. & Mrs. W.   Sandrussi Mr. J.
Driesch Miss J.   San Giovanni Mr. A.
Duva Mr. R.   Savage Mr . & Mrs. S. & children
Engelsman Mr. & Mrs. K.   Schultz Miss R.
Engelsman Miss K. (Kate)   Sharp Mrs. C.
Finley Mr. L.   Schmidt-Harms Miss E.
Foots Mr. J.   Schmidt-Harms Mr. C.
Furk Mr. & Mrs. W. & children   Schoenmaker Mr . & Mrs. W. & children
Gilchrist Miss. M.   Scott Mrs. J.
Goffi-Urgnani Mr. E.   Silvano Mr . & Mrs. E. & son
Goggins Mr. & Mrs. J. & son   Simmons Mrs. I.
Grasso Mr. & Mrs. G. & sons   Smith Mr . & Mrs. G. & children
Greengrass Mr. & Mrs. H.   Speed Mrs. D. & daughter
Griffith Miss E.   Stark Dr . & Mrs. D. & sons
Griffiths Mrs. D.   Stiff Mrs. J. & daughters
Griffiths Mr. P.   Szabo Mr. I.
Griffiths Mr. E.   Taguelmint Mr. P. (Pieré)
Hackett Mr. B.   Thomas Miss M.
Hair Miss L.   Thomas Mr. & Mrs. I.
Hammond Mrs. V.   Thrift Mr. P.
Hammond Miss M.   Tomlin Mr. L.
Hammond Miss S.   Tuckey Mrs. J. & children
Hammond Mr. & Mrs. S. & children   Turner Mr. L.
Hampson Mr. W.   Van Loon Mr . & Mrs. F. & children
Harris Miss D.   Ward Mr. & Mrs. J.
Hassel Mr. & Mrs. C. & son   Ward Mr. & Mrs. M/
Heness Miss W.   Webber Mr . & Mrs. K. & children
Higgins Miss K.   Wesslink Miss P.
Hill Mrs. R. & daughters   Whitehouse Mr . & Mrs. J. & daughters
Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. G. & daughter   Williams Mr . & Mrs. A. & daughter
Hunger Mr. R.   Williamson Mr . & Mrs. J. & children
Ingram Mr. C.   Williamson Miss L.
Jarayssi Mr. N.   Williamson Mr. G.
Jones Mr. & Mrs. G. & daughter   Wilson Mr . & Mrs. J. & daughters
Jones Mr. L.   Wilson Miss M.
Jones Mr. & Mrs. W. & children   Wilson Mr. R>
Kaufmann Mr. E.   Wittering Mr . & Mrs. R. & daughters
Kelly Miss N.   Woodhouse Mr. G.

From Auckland

Adams Mr. & Mrs. D. & children   Hirst Mr. R.
Andersen Miss Z.   Home Mr. P.
Anderson Dr. M.   Howell Miss S.
Asquith Mr. & Mrs. J.   Johnstone Mr. S.
Asquith Miss J.   Kelly Mr. & Mrs. D.
Asquith Miss E.   Kenneford Mr.F
Asquith Miss C.   Kenneford Miss J.
Bagnall Miss D.   Kinnes Mr. J.
Baillie Mr. B.   Kristensen Mrs. C.
Betts Mr. & Mrs. B.   Leeman Mrs. N. & children
Bolstad Mr. & Mrs. C. & children   Lennon Mr. I.
Boyd Mr. & Mrs. B. & children   Maguire Mrs. S. & daughter
Brown Mr. & Mrs. M. & children   Martin Mr. A.
Cameron Mrs. T.   Marwick Mr. & Mrs. R. & son
Challis Mr. & Mrs. H. & children   Millar Mr. S
Chesterfield Mr. & Mrs. J. & son   Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. D.
Clemson Mr. & Mrs. D. & children   Moss Mr. S.
Cockburn Mr. A.   Mulligan Miss E.
Couper Miss C.   Mc. Farland Miss M.
Cox Mr. W.   O' Sullivan Miss M
Crux Mr. & Mrs. L. & son   Reid Miss K.
Crux Miss L.   Reid Miss M.
Curry Mr. & Mrs. R. & children   Saville Miss M.
Davies Mr. B.   Schkrohowsky Mr. G.
Davies Rev. & Mrs. I.   Siegel Mr. J.
Davies Rev. & Mrs. A. & children   Stone Mr. & Mrs. L.
Duncan Mr. D.   Stulen Mr. & Mrs. J. & children
Dymond Mr. T.   Tomlin Mrs. M.
Falloon Miss L.   Town Mr. & Mrs. D. & sons
Ferguson Miss J.   Town Mr. K.
Gill Mr. R.   Van Bokhoven Mrs. J.
Halliday Miss M.   Wells Mr. & Mrs. R.
Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. P.   Wells Miss L.
Hanley Mr. & Mrs. J. & children   Whittingham Miss P.
Hanley Miss C.   Wilson Mrs. S.
Hanley Mr. K.   Wright Mr. & Mrs. J. & children
Hardie Mrs. J.   Yates Mr. H.

From Papeete

Dzialas Mr. & Mrs. R.   Sutty Mr. P.
Tuckey Mr. R.      



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